The Triangle Forces is a fact-driven methodology to help with strategic planning and business analysis from the early concept stage to commercial opportunity.

Jurgen Proschinger developed the Triangle Forces strategy framework in 2004 as part of his MBA in Media Management studies at Steinbeis University - School for Management and Innovation (SMI), Berlin.

The model provides an innovative holistic perspective on the disciplines of finance, sourcing, and marketing combined with an unparalleled toolkit of best practices for development, production, and distribution to build commercially sound projects/services grounded in an intimate understanding of business capabilities, market competition, and consumer insights.

Though initially conceived with the processes of the filmed entertainment domain in mind, the concept's methodologies and underlying principles have since been applied to a much broader range of the audiovisual economy — including but not limited to interactive media, video games, mobile content, e-learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality — to manage sunk costs, understand the level of competition, and enhance a company's long-term profitability.



Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

Taking the abstract and making it practical by putting it into practice in the real world.

Global Alliances

Global Alliances

Actively leveraging differences between partners’ strengths and operating styles.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Effectively conveying a particular message to a target consumer through different mediums.

At Triangle Forces, we are passionate about helping small to medium businesses, government agencies, innovative startups, and global conglomerates succeed. With a wide range of services focused on strategic initiatives, marketing communications, and global alliances, our goal is to identify gaps and opportunities to deliver customer-driven business success.

As market boundaries between telecommunication, consumer technology, and audiovisual media continue to diminish amid shifting consumer behavior and sweeping digital business transformation, Triangle Forces' clients benefit from our extensive cross-sector expertise, international know-how, and holistic perspective. Blending insight, commercial strategy, and imagination, we help clients explore and act on an opportunity. Key to our achievements has been an intimate knowledge of the convergent TME domain and understanding of differing audience tastes and consumer mentalities across increasingly complex markets and diversified cultures.

We work alongside our clients to identify new sources of growth in a connected world, harness the power of big data and advanced analytics, optimize their organization to flourish in the digital landscape, achieve deeper customer engagement, and find new ways to cut costs and increase efficiency.